A view from Gov

In 2013 the UK government announced a £270 million programme to turn academic experiments into new products and services based on quantum technologies. £50 million of this was set aside for innovation activities… Continue reading

DSrupt 15 spotlight on…

Stuart Laidlaw, CEO & Co-founder of Cyberlytic pitched at the 6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition last  year and won! Here’s what they’ve been up to since the event, hosted at Deloitte HQ in London.… Continue reading

ThingK at FWIC16

It seems more than 2 months ago that #FWIC16 got underway. Conversations in office still revert back to the conference and we’re looking forward to planning the 9th installment. We caught up Benedicte Ennis,… Continue reading

Legacy Systems and Legacy Thinking

I’m a relative newcomer to the SIGs. When I joined Money Mover in October last year, we were members and as such I got in touch just to make sure we were doing… Continue reading

The power of Quantum Physics

CW TEC Guest Blog  There are billions of connected computers and mobile devices around the world, all (we hope) following the same classical computing principles and relying on similar security to protect our… Continue reading

A summary worth knowing!

Lessons from “The 4G Mobile Revolution: Creation, Innovation & Transformation at EE” By Zahid Ghadialy* I am assuming everyone in UK has heard of the newest mobile operator, EE. Surprisingly some people are… Continue reading

One year on…

One year on: what Undo has been up to In October 2015, the Cambridge-based development tools company, Undo, was one of five innovative start-ups to win the CW (Cambridge Wireless) ‘Discovering Start-Ups’ Competition. Undo’s… Continue reading

China launches quantum-enabled satellite

Can it be true?  Have the Chinese really launched a satellite to enable faster than light communications using spooky quantum action at a distance?  That’s what you might think from a recent news… Continue reading

Another reason to attend CW TEC

Professor John Haine, Visiting Fellow, University of Bristol and #CWTEC Committee Chair provides another reason to why you should attend this year’s conference: “Even when I started my engineering course back in 1968,… Continue reading

Here’s the thing about CW TEC

Graham Pink, CEO of Orbitil  and #CWTEC Committee Member tells why you should probably consider attending this years conference: There is always much talk about the end of Moore’s Law, which reflected technological… Continue reading