The path to 5G backhaul

Millimetre wave – the path to 5G backhaul Dr John Naylon, founder and CTO, CBNL  One of the trends of Mobile World Congress 2017 is sure to be the innovation shown in millimetre wave.… Continue reading

What’s next for speech recognition?

What does 2017 have in store for speech recognition? Technology is engrained in our lives. We are always looking to innovative technologies for ways to make everyday tasks simpler and more efficient. The… Continue reading

Virtual infrastructure — real value

Political and economic groups want to tap into the vast savings and income potential of future communications services for the digital economy, which will be centred around real-time data, delivery tracking, wearables, preventative… Continue reading

Connecting our ‘dumb’ devices

We’ve filled our lives with objects and devices. From kitchen appliances to car keys, from dog leads to table lamps, we’re surrounded by objects of varying usefulness and appeal. Now manufacturers are adding… Continue reading

NB-IoT Stack Development

NextG-Com are market leading experts for IP products and engineering services for LTE, Satellite and other wireless technologies, customised for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. At the forefront of innovation and future IoT… Continue reading

5mins with Third Space Auto

We catch up with Arshia Gratiot, Director of Technology Applications at Third Space Auto – one of the ten Discovering Start-Ups Competition finalists, pictured below.   Are you finding it tricky to recruit talent? We… Continue reading

Another Win to Software Inventors

US Court Hands Another Win to Software Inventors Those with an interest in software patents most likely will be familiar with the infamous Alice decision. The Alice decision was made by the US… Continue reading

DSrupt – a reflection

Great ideas for widgets and IP, but where are the commercial plays? DSRUPT highlighted the quality and depth of the Cambridge and UK tech scene with 10 polished pitches from 10 on-track businesses.… Continue reading

5mins with Cambridge Animal Tech

We hear from Veena Adityan, CEO of Cambridge Animal Technologies– one of the ten Discovering Start-Ups Competition finalists at tomorrows event in London. Send us a picture of your team, your work space or your product… Continue reading

5 mins with with 8power

We hear from Antony Rix of 8power– one of the ten Discovering Start-Ups Competition finalists who will be pitching this Wednesday (19th) in London. Show us a picture of your product/team/service:  This illustrates one of… Continue reading