How important is location quality to users? By David Bartlett, Omnisense Ltd

David Bartlett, Omnisense Ltd, on quality, performance and the growing interest in location based services.   At the recent CW Location special interest group (L-SIG) meeting we addressed the question of position quality;… Continue reading

Future of Wireless International Conference 2014

The 6th Future of Wireless International Conference 2014 stresses the importance of changing the world for good with wireless technologies The two-day international conference attracted nearly 400 senior delegates from around the world… Continue reading

Augmented Wearables – Crowdfunding & Networking platforms – Thermal Measuring…

These are just some of the tech entered into DS14! Again, CW have teamed up with Silicon SouthWest to celebrate the creative, technical and entrepreneurial of promising and emerging UK technology start-ups. With… Continue reading

How to get Women into Wireless. By Zoe Cunningham, Softwire

  Zoe Cunningham, Softwire, shares tips on how to recruit and retain women in the wireless industries.   As a successful woman working in technology, I often get asked how to attract more women into tech… Continue reading

CALLING ALL MILLENNIALS! Tell us why you want to attend the Future of Wireless International Conference and win a FREE ticket!

Cambridge Wireless is offering a conference ticket to five lucky winning Millennials in aid of growing the wireless industry and the younger generation that will head its future. This is an exclusive opportunity… Continue reading

m-Health Squared: The future of global mental healthcare? by Conor Farrington, University of Cambridge

A lot of science fiction seems pretty far-fetched; it’s hard to imagine flying to other galaxies at warp speed any time soon. But some science fiction becomes science fact far more quickly than… Continue reading

Where are all the engineers? By David Whale

Why are we short of engineers, when engineering is such a great profession? Why are today’s children full of huge expectations and only interested in consuming, when there is so much fulfilment and societal… Continue reading

5 Ways to Get More Out of Networking. By Zoe Cunningham, Softwire

I love networking. I really love it. It’s one of my favourite parts of my job. But it hasn’t always been. I started at Softwire as a coder, and worked for 10 years… Continue reading