Where next for wearables? By Professor William Webb, President of IET

Proffessor William Webb on the relationship between user-experience and wearables – insights from the CW User Experience SIG Event.   While I’m no expert in the field of wearable devices, the hype surrounding them and… Continue reading

Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by value

Fuel your inspiration – Day Four   No single act will mitigate risk in start-up.  However, I believe innovation paired with cultural context, social responsibility and environmental sustainability brings user value that is critical… Continue reading

Cambridge Wireless SIG on Wearables. By David Maidment, ARM Ltd

David Maidment of ARM Ltd shares insight into wearables and value-driven technology.   With my smartphone staying in my pocket and my ARM powered Android Wear LG ‘G’ watch pointing the way I navigated… Continue reading

Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by experiences

Fuel your inspiration – Day Three   I am fascinated by the new experiences that can emerge from the interplay between strategic thinking, technology and creativity. One of the experiences that emerge is… Continue reading

Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by ideas

Fuel your inspiration – Day Two   At DS14, a competition fully focused on celebrating big ideas, an atmosphere of ingenuity resonates. For me, this immersive sensation provides a natural stimulant that can… Continue reading

Why is location technology so Low-Tech? By David Bartlett, Omnisense Ltd

David Bartlett, Omnisens, explores current location technology – issuing a wake up call to the wireless industry.   First of all, let me be clear: GPS is not “low tech”. Modern GPS receivers achieve astonishingly good… Continue reading

Fuel your inspiration at Discovering Start-ups 2014

Discovering Start-ups 2014 (DS14) is a portal to outstanding UK start-ups showcasing their technology, innovation and insight into the future. As a startup passionado, I see DS14 as a source of inspiration and… Continue reading

Reflections on FWIC14 – by Richard Claridge, PA Consulting Group

  Four key discussion points on the future of wireless from Richard Claridge, PA Consulting Group.   I would have liked to write about the future of wireless conference immediately, but I’m glad to say… Continue reading

The Countdown Begins: Four weeks left to enter Discovering Start-Ups 2014 competition

Tech Start-Ups, sign up to win £5k prize fund and get face-to-face with the likes of Google, Qualcomm, Samsung and more… Tech-based start-ups, early stage companies and entrepreneurs from around the UK are… Continue reading

Rural coverage: How 1 billion people stand to gain from properly selected wireless solutions. By Prof. Simon Saunders, Real Wireless

Professor Simon Saunders on incremental remote coverage and the ‘Real Wireless – Wireless for Good’ initiative to maximise the social good from wireless.   In our industry it’s easy to get lost in the… Continue reading