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A view from Gov

In 2013 the UK government announced a £270 million programme to turn academic experiments into new products and services based on quantum technologies. £50 million of this was set aside for innovation activities… Continue reading

The power of Quantum Physics

CW TEC Guest Blog  There are billions of connected computers and mobile devices around the world, all (we hope) following the same classical computing principles and relying on similar security to protect our… Continue reading

China launches quantum-enabled satellite

Can it be true?  Have the Chinese really launched a satellite to enable faster than light communications using spooky quantum action at a distance?  That’s what you might think from a recent news… Continue reading

Another reason to attend CW TEC

Professor John Haine, Visiting Fellow, University of Bristol and #CWTEC Committee Chair provides another reason to why you should attend this year’s conference: “Even when I started my engineering course back in 1968,… Continue reading

Here’s the thing about CW TEC

Graham Pink, CEO of Orbitil  and #CWTEC Committee Member tells why you should probably consider attending this years conference: There is always much talk about the end of Moore’s Law, which reflected technological… Continue reading

CW TEC encapsulated – A summary of the inaugural event. By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online

  Geoff Varrall, Chair of CW TEC and opening speaker at the event concludes the Cambridge Wireless Engineering and Technology Conference series with a summary of key insights.   CW TEC exposed the fault lines… Continue reading

CW TEC 2015 – integratation & differentiation is key

The inaugural Cambridge Wireless Engineering and Technology Conference (CW TEC) set out to look at whether the wireless industry needs to integrate or differentiate and concluded that it should do both. Leading industry… Continue reading

So what will trigger the next big change? By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online

  Geoff Varrell shares insights into the overarching CW TEC topic ‘ integrate or differentiate’ as we countdown to the inaugural technology and engineering conference, 24 March 2015, PWC LLP, London.   ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said… Continue reading

Wearables – from passive to active? By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online

  Life changing technology transition with a positive or negative impact? Just one of the topics being discussed at this year’s CW TEC Conference in London on the 24th March 2015   Those of… Continue reading

Will the pot call the kettle back? By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online

  Are the fundamental technologies needed for sustainable machine to machine connectivity already available or is new innovation needed? Just one of the topics being discussed at this year’s CW TEC Conference in London… Continue reading