Who are CommNet2?

We spoke with Professor Timothy O’Farrell, Chair in Wireless Communications at the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering; and here’s what we found out about CommNet2.

Professor Timothy O’Farrell

Professor Timothy O’Farrell

CommNet2 is a community network organisation funded by EPSRC which seeks to be the go-to hub for those working in the Information and Communication Technology sector. Setup by Professor O’Farrell in 2015, the team consists of a Management Team & Advisory Board who endorse and advocate CommNet’s collaborative approach.

Membership is free and the resulting network of contacts makes it an important asset to UK academics working in Communications and Networking from the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science disciplines. CommNet2 organises workshops and conferences which are attended by academia and industry to help define the major research challenges in the field. By identifying the most pertinent challenges and sharing with the network, the CommNet2 can provide a more effective community response. Once key research areas and phases are planned out, these are offered back to the EPRSC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) to help formulate their strategy.

The network serves as a platform for engagement and increased synergy with research clusters in the ICT sector.

PI Professor O’Farrell says

“the CommNet2 team aspire to be the Facebook for the Communications and Networking community. Everything we do boils down to our ethos of informing the community of upcoming events, publishing the latest news insights and targeting research proposals. In essence, the network is for the community, by the community.”

If you would like to find out more, please head to www.commnet.ac.uk

Key contacts:
Professor Timothy O’Farrell, Chair in Wireless Communication & CommNet2 PI (T.OFarrell@sheffield.ac.uk)
Gemma Stephens, CommNet2 Research Administrator (g.stephens@sheffield.ac.uk)