Engineer Spotlight

Last week we welcomed our 1000th  member into the CW LinkedIn group; Chris Last, Senior Software Engineer at Qualcomm. Whether it’s through networking at events or word-of-mouth marketing, we’re always keen to find out how people hear about CW and what they hope to gain from being apart of the CW membership.

Here’s what we found out from Chris:

Why join the CW LinkedIn group?
I relocated to Cambridge at the end of 2016 after many years in lower layer protocol integration and development for mobile telecommunications companies such as Panasonic, Nokia and Qualcomm in Hampshire and Berkshire. As successive mobile technologies have reached maintenance status I’ve started to explore adjacent technologies and found myself in an interesting role in a great team at Qualcomm. With an ever-evolving landscape of wireless technologies I think it’s important to seek out new sources of industry information and CW looks like an ideal forum to learn from the people who are both driving and contributing to that evolution. I have to say I am loving Cambridge so far, and the nature of the city as a magnet for tech talent means I already know a lot of people in and around Cambridge.

What do you hope to achieve with the network? 
I hope to find stimulating ideas and interesting events to allow me to continue to develop as a wireless communications software engineer. I’m also keen to keep in touch with ex-colleagues amongst your ranks and maybe find some future colleagues too.

Tell us about your role as an engineer?
I am part of a team that creates Software Development Kits for customers looking to incorporate Qualcomms Bluetooth-enabled chips into their audio, automotive and IoT products

Want to find out more? Either connect with Chris on LinkedIn or we encourage you to introduce yourself in our LinkedIn group. Let’s keep the discussion flowing!