IoT Forum 2017 – Where the IoT means business

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’ bandied about, especially in marketing circles.

At the IoT Forum, however, this is the mantra we live by, as our boutique events are all about curating speakers who provide genuine insight, and attendees who are actually ‘doing’ IoT, whether leading companies or projects.

The BLN IoT Forum was voted one of the Top Three IoT Conferences in the World by Postscapes and has also become one of the ‘word of mouth’ must-attend events.

Why? Because of the people that come – they are serious about innovating business models, about understanding the problems that IoT can solve and building a business out of solving them. It is not about technology, but about the solving the problems and only when we do that, will the Internet of Things become Business as Usual.

We’ll put you in a room with the founders, funders and customers to build the crucial collaborations on which the IoT depends. You will meet and talk with a group of brilliant people from around the world, a few smart panels, busy exhibition and demo area, thoughtful keynotes, presentations from selected companies that represent the best of emerging Internet of Things businesses. You will leave with a better understanding of why the Internet of Things is going to impact every business, every home and every consumer in the world and the connections to make it happen.

Covering the full IoT ecosystem and sectors from Smart Cities to Connected Vehicles, Smart Homes to Wearable tech, Predictive Maintenance, Building Automation and Security, from Health to Hacking.

This year themes will include Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Enterprise and Security with a focus on the commercial potential of IoT and how it is impacting enterprise and business models.

Of course, we would say good things about our events, so it’s always useful to know what our previous attendees think:

“I genuinely felt the conference was excellent”

“Well paced, varied and interesting and I particularly appreciated the non-tech focus”

Find out more at and we hope you will join us 15-16 March 2017 at Robinson College, Cambridge.