5mins with Cambridge Animal Tech

We hear from Veena Adityan, CEO of Cambridge Animal Technologies– one of the ten Discovering Start-Ups Competition finalists at tomorrows event in London.

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Are you finding it tricky to recruit talent?

Depends. We have been fortunate to find talented interns through the University network in the field of Livestock science and Data Science. We are just starting our efforts to bring on board full-time staff and that could present additional challenges in terms of competitions from big firms stablished in Cambridge and London.

Tell us about your product/service – what was the need you saw?

We seek to make a significant positive impact in the world with our background and skills in technology, and after considering a few options we channeled our passion towards tackling challenges food sustainability and animal welfare. Agriculture is an area of high need and ready for disruption, and there is a large gap in precision engineering technology solutions for animal husbandry.

We used our knowledge from automation in oil and gas industry combined with prediction and behavioral analytics from global consumer retail to create a platform that will collect data from sensors mounted on animals and provide farmers with information to support better and faster decision making.

What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2017?

We expect for battery technology to keep improving with more solid state batteries becoming available for designs as well as even lower power consuming processors and sensors. One of the most important aspects is a consolidation of the leading radio technologies for IoT with 2 to 3 becoming clear winners in the space, we have already started seeing the beginning of that trend this year.

Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?

Always be open to collaborate. This last year we have attended several events hosted by Cambridge Wireless and these have opened so many doors for us. This includes collaborations with companies we might have considered competitors in the past in order to improve and refine both our products and deliver a better solution to customers.

What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

Twitter, Blogs and Linkedin are very important tools! Follow influential people and companies within your chosen subject matter and industry. Information flows much faster via direct channels and it has allowed us to get insights much before news media or magazines have had any publishing.

How would you describe life in a start-up?

It is the most hectic and busy I have ever been, and at the same time the most rewarding.

Professionally it provides the opportunity to really understand every aspect of a business (since you have to do them all!) and personally it gives you the opportunity to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses giving you a platform to improve in both professional and personal aspects.

For more information, follow them on Twitter and buy your ticket for the Pitch-off taking place 19th October, Deloitte.