5mins with Cupris

We hear from the team at Cupris – one of the tenDiscovering Start-Ups Competition finalists in preparation for next week!

1. Send us a picture of your team, your work space or your product
Cupris product

2. Are you finding it tricky to recruit talent?
Yes really!
As a small company, the roles we recruit for can be sometimes very specific with a wide range of competencies and as a result they don’t always fit in well with standard categories. We look for autonomous people with a great sense of initiative and an appeal for innovation and this isn’t always easy to identify those skills in interviews. Finally I would say that recruiting someone who shares our values is certainly key, so we really don’t want to make judgement errors. Which make the whole process very long and time-consuming! We know it’s for the best and that it will save us time after recruitment but to begin with it’s really difficult to allocate the necessary time to recruit talent!

3. Tell us about your product/service – what was the need you saw?

Today, GPs are overwhelmed, hospitals have huge waiting lists and remote areas have limited access to healthcare. Telemedicine is an extremely attractive solution to bring healthcare closer to the patient but most telemedicine solutions focus on providing video or text communication tools. This misses a significant part of the consultation: the clinical examination.

Cupris Health provides a unique solution that enables communication through an app and a web platform, and clinical examination with smartphone-connected medical devices.

There are two aspects of Cupris solution: the Cupris Health Platform and the Cupris medical device.

The Cupris Health Platform enables users to:
• Capture clinical images of patient conditions using their smartphones
• Add information using questionnaires, audio recordings, text input, and other tools built into the smartphone app
• Securely connect with other Cupris Health users to share cases with them through the cloud service.
• Discuss and monitor patient cases, and receive diagnoses of patient conditions without seeing patients in person.
The software platform is cross-specialty so can be used for the remote consultation of a wide variety of health complaints.

The smartphone-connected medical devices complement the Cupris Health software platform. Cupris Health will provide a full GP Toolkit with the most common tools used by GPs. The Cupris otoscope for examining the eardrum is ready for launch, CE Marked and approved by the MHRA, so can be used as a medical device anywhere in the EU. It will be followed shortly after by an ophthalmoscope for retinal imaging, a dermatoscope and a stethoscope adapter.

Cupris Health is also working on algorithms that can be used to assist the diagnosis of patient conditions using clinical images and data. This will be an important aspect of the Cupris value proposition in future.

4. What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2017?
The IoT has already started to explode in 2016 but hasn’t yet been fully embedded into our lives or hasn’t hugely made an impact.
I expect 2017 will be the year during which, combined with machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence progresses, IoT-based innovation will unfold and really make a difference and our lives easier!

5. Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?
It’s really difficult but prioritize! You’ll never be able to answer to every demand. So, even they all look appealing and they all could be leading to a potential breakthrough or progress (you never know?) it’s important to accept to let some things aside and to pass your turn from time to time. It will allow you to spend more time on things that really require it.

6. What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?
First, Google alerts make a pretty good job if you have appropriately set up your keywords. Then it’s all about sharing! If you take the habits to share with your partners the news you’ve seen, they will spontaneously do the same! That’s also the aim of Twitter! Choose wisely who you’re following and you’ll know quickly who are the most often aware of industry’s changes.

7. How would you describe life in a start-up?
Exciting and challenging!
It’s a never-ending to-do list with a super wide range of actions, some very down-to-earth such as manufacturing your office’s desks ;-), some much more exciting such as visiting Sky studios to discuss how ear pieces fitting can be improved with our solution!

For more information, follow Cupris on Twitter and buy your ticket for the Pitch-off taking place 19th October, Deloitte.