5 mins with mesh:ine

We catch up with Jan Lachenmayer, CEO Mesh:ine – one of the tenDiscovering Start-Ups Competition finalists

Spotlight Q&A

1. Send us a picture of your team, your work space or your product
Mesh:ine product

2. Are you finding it tricky to recruit talent?
I would not dare to call the recruitment process tricky. Talent is the main game-changing asset in every industry, every company – be it a top-market player corporation or an early-stage start-up like us – all the same. Fair enough, time and effort should be invested into targeting best possible fit. We refuse to take it for granted that on the software development side, resource is scarce. So, we focus on attracting the hidden gems – people with the natural knack for programming, restless change-makers and solution-seekers. Apparently, our talent-recruiting quest brought us to the point that our operational unit is currently staffed with people of 7 countries and representing 8 different nationalities.

3. Tell us about your product/service – what was the need you saw?
Actually, it is fully justifiable to call mesh:ine a product born in the streets. The day the mesh:ine concept acquired shape was a memorable one. Thousands of people gathered outside for Labour Day Festivities in Berlin Kreuzberg. Cellular networks got congested and I was at a loss to find my friends amidst the crowd. Then, the thought of connecting smartphones to smartphones independent of any carrier networks stroke me. This original idea eventually crystallized into something greater. All in all, mesh:ine today addresses two needs: to spare users from excessive data plan costs/ wi-fi dependency and to offer new dimensions for proximity-based communication between people and communities

4. What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2017?
It is not unbeknownst that main innovative technology drivers in the market are artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Rather than being part of the mainstream trends, mesh network technology falls into the niche of its own. It is foreseeable even now that mesh-based approaches will soon find more and more use-cases as the quantity of connected devices increases rapidly through mechanisms like IoT. What concerns use of mesh networks for communication purposes – well, we intend to become a trend in 2017 by showing the world how entire city can interact off-grid – all with the help of our technology.

5. Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?
Over the last year I realized that 99% of the company’s success is dependent on the teamwork. Happy and tight-knitted team, right motivation, sharing common goals and values, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and each idea is considered – these are the milestones of start-up’s daily activity. Otherwise no good outcome will follow…

6. What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?
To keep learning the ropes – luckily the information now is accessible at ease. We check all the key media resources on a daily basis, attend start-up and tech events, hackatons or meet-ups – and such old school ways as reading paper books. Also, we never hesitate to seek advice from more experienced scientists and professionals in the wireless network sphere – to make sure that nothing important has escaped our eye.

7. How would you describe life in a start-up ?

Such a roller-coaster of a life.

For more information, follow Mesh:ine on Twitter and buy your ticket for the Pitch-off taking place 19th October, Deloitte.