Smartbell, the internet of cows®

What is Smartbell?

Smartbell is the internet of things applied in the world of farming to empower farmers with information that helps drive their decision making towards a more sustainable future.

The food security crisis is very real and looming: according to reports, there is only 60 years of farming left at current rates of resource use. With innovative technology and analytics driven solutions, livestock farming industry can be disrupted to improve yields in a sustainable way.

What are you working on at the moment?

Something very exciting – we are collaborating with the University of Cambridge to conduct a live farm trial. We are very excited to be supporting and furthering research towards animal welfare.

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How has the Cambridge ecosystem helped you?

We couldn’t have started at a better place. See for yourself:
* Accelerate Cambridge and the invaluable guidance of our mentors who help us make progress every day
* Ed Kay, MediaTek, gifted us 10 LinkIt ONE IoT kits
* MakeSpace, where we build the hardware and mounting system
* Dr. Ian McCrone and Gavin Hughes from University of Cambridge for insights into veterinary and farm research
* Pitch@Palace 5.0 and pitching in front of HRH Duke of York and other dignitaries
* Cambridge Wireless Innovation Showcase finalist exhibitor at VenturefestEast and FWIC2016
* Belinda Clarke, Agri-Tech East invited us to present as a finalist of UK Agri-Tech Business Plan competition
* ARM Limited Andy Frame, Director Emerging Tech heralded Smartbell and showcased us at the Annual Partner Meeting 2016

How did you come up with this idea?

The smart farming idea was conceived in the Smart Cities Venture Creation weekend in November last year.

Agriculture is an area of high need and ready for disruption, and there is a large gap in precision engineering technology solutions for animal husbandry. This triggered our pitch for Smartbell, the internet of cows®.

How can people get in touch with you?

If you are interested in investing, working or learning more please feel free to get in touch through one of these channels:

Join us on our journey in building the internet of cows®