A view from Gov

In 2013 the UK government announced a £270 million programme to turn academic experiments into new products and services based on quantum technologies. £50 million of this was set aside for innovation activities to help companies learn what quantum technologies are, explore the opportunities, and if interested undertake development work to create quantum technologies products.

Dstl are also spending £30 million on development projects with UK companies and academics to build prototype quantum technologies that will give them distinctive defence advantages. Since 2013, other governments have followed suit, with the European Commission announcing a €1 billion flagship programme for quantum technologies in May this year, and other $100s of millions being invested by companies and governments in other countries.

The recent government focus on industrial strategy means that the government is planning to be more hands on in helping to build and sustain future high tech industries in the UK, and quantum is one of them.

Come along to CW TEC to find out how your company could play a part in the quantum revolution, and access government money to help your company become part of a new quantum technologies industry in the UK.

Written by Richard Murray,  InnovateUK – Lead Technologist- Emerging Technologies and Industries

Richard Murray, InnovateUK

Richard will be speaking at the conference and we’re delighted to have InnovateUK and EPSRC sponsoring.

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