ThingK at FWIC16

It seems more than 2 months ago that #FWIC16 got underway. Conversations in office still revert back to the conference and we’re looking forward to planning the 9th installment.

We caught up Benedicte Ennis, COO at ThingK who presented at the Innovation Showcase during FWIC2016 last June – here’s what they thought.

ThingK is an early stage self-funded start-up building a software platform for connected systems. We wanted to get involved with the innovation Showcase in order to share our story and see how it fits with others involved in the smart connected device networks sector in the UK.

CW (Cambridge Wireless) assembled a cohort of compelling sponsors from Iotic Labs who engaged actively in the showcase with their public data service through to Intel and MediaTek, just to name a few. We were first interested in the involvement of big players in the event.

ThingK networking at FWIC

A few of the ThingK team networking during the Innovation Showcase

It soon became very clear that the goal of the innovation Showcase was to get different actors collaborate. Large or small, we were all to work together to present how the Internet of Things could make a better world, an ambitious task!

We worked closely with a number of start-ups such as Mobicycle who are developing smart waste management systems and Smartbell who are looking to improve animal welfare on farms.

Our product, an edge processing and mobile analytic platform proved to be a good match with Mobicycle to provide the internet of bins with some help of U-Blox. We ended up talking to many hardware startups which helped us identified the challenges they face building large scale connected device networks.

At the event, we engaged with many interesting organisations from Intel and MediaTek, through to TfL and Fab Lab London, who have recently opened a Notting Hill location near our Shepherds Bush based West London HQ. This being the first maker space in West

One of the many highlights of the Innovation Showcase for ThingK were working with Ben Shenoy and Alan Brown of Surrey University who presented their insights into our business model canvas as part of their presentation.

Many valuable connections were made. It will be interesting in due course to measure our human vs digital conversion. The very nature of ThingK will prefer the former, but we would be happy to be proven wrong through the magic of data and analytics!



A sketch artists impression of the Industrial IoT applications on display at FWIC