Another reason to attend CW TEC

Professor John Haine, Visiting Fellow, University of Bristol and #CWTEC Committee Chair provides another reason to why you should attend this year’s conference:

“Even when I started my engineering course back in 1968, the science content of the subject had been codified to the extent that we hardly had to know anything about modern physics.  The quantum theory that underpinned semiconductors was unnecessary as devices were well understood by then; Maxwell’s EM theory was quite good enough for understanding antennas and propagation; and relativity was hardly likely to affect anything we did (though later engineers designing the GPS system would need to understand gravitational time dilation).  Communications engineers have developed the Mobile Internet taking the basic physics for granted.

Now that’s changing.  A new technology is approaching based on manipulating and exploiting basic quantum phenomena such as entanglement and superposition.  To give two examples of why this is important.  Almost all secure Internet traffic is encrypted using codes, based on supposedly hard mathematical problems that will be rendered easy by quantum computers, so we will need to find new ways to keep secrets.  And “Quantum Key Distribution” may come to our aid, enabling provably secure communications based on fundamental quantum-mechanical principles.

These new technologies are emerging in physics laboratories, developed by physicists speaking technical language quite different to even highly qualified engineers, but are likely to be deployed in real-world systems within a decade or so.  Engineers now in training or the early part of their careers need to know what to do with them, and business managers will need to cope with both opportunities and threats.  CW TEC aims to bring the physics and engineering communities for a day of entanglement, enlightenment and superposition!”

If you are interested in attending you can find more information about the agenda and how to register.