Here’s the thing about CW TEC

Graham Pink, CEO of Orbitil  and #CWTEC Committee Member tells why you should probably consider attending this years conference:

There is always much talk about the end of Moore’s Law, which reflected technological progress in terms of transistor size, which is challenging.  Some question what will be the next iconic product to drive this evolution, with more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world, have we reached “peak phone”.  The promised extra leisure time technology was predicted to bring never seem to materialise.  The problem with predictions is that they are often extrapolations from the past, and often overlook the quantum leap.  I wonder who predicted we would rediscover the joys of electromechanics by creating them in the micro world as MEMS products.  Early transistors seemed strange in a world dominated by valves, just as the Quantum world does in a microelectronics world today.  In a few years we will wonder how we ever managed without it.  The challenge for business is when and how to gamble on this disruption, and with any betting you need to study form, which you can do by coming to CW TEC.

“Never” is a dangerous word to use in predictions as its never right.  However you’ll never be disappointed by coming along to CW TEC.

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