Innovation Showcase Update

The Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Intel, kicked off on the 10th May at FabLab London, with 14 exciting start-ups gathering to share, collaborate and improve their ideas & propositions.

Once everyone had shared their ambitions and challenges, it became clear that collectively we were exploring 4 key themes:

Teams were broadly seeking to enhance life (animal & human) in a number of ways. For some use cases, this requires an understanding & controlling our environment & infrastructure that surrounds us, and how to allocate natural & physical resources to best suit our needs and enhance mental wellbeing.

The teams have been given access to an Iotic Labs, Iotic Space, where they can securely collaborate finding, sharing and publishing  data sources. Intel  & showcase partners u-blox have provided an array of hardware prototyping platforms to help teams test & experiment their ideas. Following the workshops yesterday, there was a recognition that through collaboration and co-creation we can start to innovate and realise new opportunities, new solutions  and new ways to demonstrate the power of their products and services.

The co-operation between participants, enablers, partners and sponsors was fantastic to see and with more meet ups between now and FWIC planned for development, exploration, innovation and refinement, we are excited to be able to offer limited additional spaces to those that want to get involved and demonstrate how transformative a true Internet of Things can be.

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A few pics from the event below.


Whiteboard with brainstorming notes at FabLab London for Innovation Showcase

Some cool tech at Innovation Showcase organised by CW, Intel, Cisco, u-blox

Tech at Innovation Showcase IMG_2498

Words by Ali Nicholl, Iotics Labs & Geoff McCormick.

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