Bango’s faith in youth rewarded

CEO Ray Anderson to speak at FWIC 2016.

In a nutshell, Bango is the #1 worldwide for app store carrier billing, working with the world’s leading app stores and operators to provide alternative payments from your smartphone. The Bango payment platform has the reach of billions and offers a unique opportunity to engage with the digital world, especially in areas with low credit card penetration.

My role within Bango is the Marketing Assistant, with my day-to-day tasks consisting of running and monitoring social media channels, sourcing contacts for the sales team and copywriting. Bango is my first full-time role out of university and  I’m constantly challenged!

In terms of a broader working environment, the office culture is fantastic at Bango – there’s a massive focus on team-building and understanding how people work efficiently together in an open plan office. The hierarchical structure is blurred, whatever level you’re on, your views are taken on board and there’s the opportunity to give feedback to the most senior people in the company. On top of this, the Cambridge headquarters also has a wide variety of staff all around the world. The office covers all bases, with around a 50/50 split in staff numbers between development and other teams. As Cambridge is an internationally esteemed university city, we have a very diverse culture within Bango. There’s multiple of people stationed in International offices – Japan, America, Singapore and a number of the Cambridge based team members travelling around pretty much constantly. It’s a great environment to work in as a newcomer to office environments, seeing first-hand the different ways the business operates on an international scale.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of Bango’s team is the apprenticeship program. The team was recently shortlisted as one of the UK top 100 apprentice employers at the National Apprentices Award 2015. On top of this, we have individuals such as Tanya Stittle, the first ever female winner of the Microsoft Apprentice of the Year award. The apprentices all work within our Platform Operations (POC) team who maintain, monitor and ensure the payment system is running correctly. There’s real empowerment on all levels from C-level to apprentices, and everyone plays a vital part in making Bango successful. There’s currently 12 apprentices working at Bango, they all work on a 24/7 rota in the POC team- this allows them to fit in their studies around work hours, as well as monitor our systems at all times, as there’s always high traffic coming from somewhere in the world.

We are always looking for more apprentices, with a team dedicated to their progression and advancement in both Bango and further educational skills. Bango’s apprenticeship program is unique as the apprentices take on large responsibility, they really are instrumental in the way Bango runs as a company. There was a case a few weeks back where a Middle Eastern mobile operator saw spending on mobile game Clash of Clans fall by half for a couple of hours, one of our apprentices on a night shift at 3am spotted this anomaly and got in touch with the game’s developer Supercell. They were able to fix the issue rapidly, saving potentially thousands of pounds of lost revenue for both Bango and Supercell.

It’s exciting to be involved in a company which has a clear future path, especially in the mobile industry. For example, our recent launch in India with Google Play was the first of its kind, giving hundreds of millions of people in India access to app store payments for the first time. India’s credit card penetration is below 1% of the population, with over 60% using a mobile device. Before Bango’s launch, 59% of the population using mobiles didn’t have a method of purchasing apps on their Android devices. It’s great to be part of a team that provides life changing services to people around the world.

It’s vital to network locally, especially when you are in one of the FinTech hotspots such as Cambridge. Our CEO Ray Anderson will be speaking at this year’s Future of Wireless International Conference, discussing FinTech with some equally innovative thinkers: View Rays session here.

Bango infographic

Written by Josh Spoelstra, Marketing Assistant for Bango