5 minutes with Ideas Cow

This week we caught up with Chris Darriet-Jones, Data Architect at Barclaycard, on his latest venture; Ideas Cow.

grayscale picture of a toy cow on a data mapWhat is Ideas Cow and when/who founded the company?
Ideas Cow is a startup offering architecture, data, business and financial modelling to other startups.
It came about after a water cooler discussion about the corporate phrase “grazing the ideas cow”. I thought it quite amusing at first and then realized ‘Ideas Cow’ was a great name for an enterprise.

Whereabouts are you based, and how can we find out more?
We’re based in the UK in the green and rolling south of England. The website is undergoing some construction but members can still contact me through the contact form or Twitter @CowIdeas

What prompted the need for Ideas Cow? What markets would you say will benefit most from it?
Tech startups tend to sprawl their data and systems in a haphazard way initially. This causes great pain later when you need to patch systems, upgrade, scale out etc. Getting the architecture right from day one ensures that the handbrake is not still on as you grow.

Can you offer any advice for entrepreneurs looking to set up a company?
My question for entrepreneurs would be “If you don’t do it now, when are you?”

Ideas Cow founder, Chris Darriet-Jones

Ideas Cow Founder, Chris Darriet-Jones

What role do you play within the IoT sector and can you offer any insight into this growing trend?
IoT is going to generate enormous data lakes. How these data lakes are wrangled is going to be a huge issue. The right combination of big data file systems and analytic tools will be required to extract value from that. Basically I think data is becoming cheaper and plentiful, almost like an unlimited raw material. The challenge is how we extract value from the data and then monetize it. Not easy!

What might a typical day be like for you in the office?
My day is rarely typical but ALWAYS fueled by coffee, coffee and more coffee. Up early, home late. Sometimes very late if network South West is having a nightmare out of Waterloo.

The tech industry is huge – do you manage to network in Cambridge or London at all?
Recently I’ve been networking around London (BCS HQ, Google Campus), but also on the south coast (SETSquared). I’d love to get up to Cambridge.

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