FWIC 2016 is here!

New branding picture for FWIC 2016

Welcome to our first blog post in a series of many which will focus on the meticulous planning elements that underpins the biggest event we will be hosting next year: *Cue holy grail music* The Future of Wireless International Conference (FWIC). We’ll be using these blogs to update the tech community on key speakers and sponsors as they’re announced, as well as taking a closer look at the key verticals which we have lined up for the conference.

Launched in 2009 as Cambridge Wireless International Conference (CWIC), the conference has grown exponentially in terms of popularity and quality of content. In its 8th year, the conference has been renamed The Future Connected World, Ubiquitous wireless transforming industries. Every other blog, news article and product release has a focus on connectivity. Whether it’s IoT, smart cities, beacon technology, autonomous driving or some aspect of smart technology, this notion of The Future Connected World is…ubiquitous. The new logo celebrates the longevity the conference has enjoyed and we cannot tell you how excited we are that next years conference is being held at IET London: Savoy Place.

Planning  for the 2016 conference began back in September (2015) with major thanks to a dedicated committee drawn from the CW membership including committee chair Simon Fletcher (CTO, Real Wireless), Iain Davidson (Product Marketing Manager, Arkessa), Nick Hunn (CTO, WiFore), Charles Sturman (Director of Market Development, u-blox), Stuart Revell (MD, RTACS Ltd) and  Anthony Rix (Senior Consultant, The Technology Partnership).

An arduous task (there is no denying it!), the delivery team is responsible for a vast range of duties from deciding the conference themes and timeline through to speaker recruitment, event marketing and the logistics of HOW everything will come together. And coming together, it certainly is!

Setting the Scene
A conference title needs to be provocative yet inviting; it sets the scene for the conference format and the type of speakers required. From our experience with FWIC planning – choosing a conference theme is a wholly dynamic process. With an attractive theme pinned down, key verticals were announced which includes Automotive & Transport, Retail & Hospitality, Energy & Utilities, Banking/Fintech and Entertainment. We hope to delve into these verticals in more detail throughout the course of the FWIC blogs so please stay tuned!

A Systematic Process
The committee meet on a regular basis to talk through the conference timeline, event format, sponsorship, partnerships, themes and action points. Coordinating diaries is sometimes like spinning plates, but I’m pleased to report the committee runs like a well-oiled machine (!). The meeting notes always include meaty action points for the committee members to follow up on, and momentum is constantly building. A fair few planning meetings have passed and we’re at a stage where agendas are confirmed with the track sessions being exclusively promoted to a number of exciting prospects. The 2016 will feature brand new content: tech labs, an innovation showcase and a prestigious awards gala dinner. All to be revealed in due course!

For more information about FWIC, please visit the website: www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/futureofwireless/

Whats next?Behind the scenes
Next week we will take a look at this years conference stats with a further planning update on the 2016 conference.

Author: Lucy Woods, Social Media Coordinator, CW