Double dose of London for SIG Events

November has been a great month for CW Special Interest Group (SIG) Events; on the 3rd we were in London for our Virtual Networks SIG event ‘Pushing NFV/SDN to the edge through Mobile Computing (which you can read about here in our blog), last week we were in Shoreditch for the Future Technology SIG event ‘Sharing Innovative Practices’  and on the 26th we were up The Shard for a sell-out event on the Future Devices SIG ‘Smart-Phone vs Smart-Thing’.

Arriving at IDEALondon’s incubator offices in Shoreditch with their grass-floored hot desk pods and plant filled walls – the team had secured a great location space for the Future Technology SIG event on the 19th. The topic of the event was ‘sharing innovative practices’ and we’d lined up three speakers who were perfect for the bill. And to give a quick background check on our host – IDEALondon stands for Innovation and Digital Enterprise Alliance London. A unique collaboration of industry leaders; Cisco, DC Thompson and  UCL, focused solely on championing the next generation of high-growth start ups. Very trendy.

Blueberry Bar, Shoreditch graphicSpeaker 1 was Ben Gamble, a coder/inventor involved in startups. Ben spoke of his experience in creating and launching a company called Race Yourself which is a virtual reality fitness game aimed primarily for Google Glass. A slick presentation which guided us through his business model summarising the Problem > Solution > Business Model Advantage > Team Advantage > Financial Strategy. His key piece of information for those thinking of, or in the process of approaching some kind of investment is to be MEMORABLE when pitching.  He is now working within an up-and-coming company called Quincus which we’re looking forward to hearing more about as it develops.

John Bechtel, founder of Badger Pass, is one of the SIG champions for Software/Open Source and he followed with a talk that looked at the more detailed processes involved with converting a dream to revenue stream. Our third speaker was Rishi Chowdhury, founder of IncuBus London, who has heaps of knowledge surrounding start-ups and he presented us with an aptly named presentation ‘How to stay organised and sane’.

Despite the miserable, grey weather we ensured on that Thursday – I’m happy to say that delegates stayed for networking and drinks at the nearby
Blueberry Bar. A big thank you to everybody that came!!

The shard viewOur Future Devices SIG event was held at the offices of Mathys & Squire…15th Floor of The Shard! Beautiful skyline views of the city set the scene for an invigorating discussion on ‘Smart-Phone vs Smart-Thing’. Couple the iconic location with enthusiastic speakers and topical discussions, the delegates brought fantastic debate to the panel session at the end of the talks. Simon Moffatt of ForgeRock kicked off the talks with ‘The Evolution of Identity’ and his knowledge and passion for technology was fantastic. Both Simon and third speaker Neil Garner (Proxama) stressed the importance and focus which is being placed on consumer driven technology. You only need to look at the likes of Uber and online banking apps that are striving for that flawless, creative user experience. In terms of identity, Simon explains how the industry has moved on from the employee based identity infrastructure to service development. Essentially, your smartphone is a mobile identity store.  Our smartphone devices are acting on our behalf – scary but true! Andre Wieczorek of Tieto Corp delved into the issue of what makes a ‘thing’ smart,  Neil Garner impressed us all with beacon technology  and Patrick Levy Rosenthall of Emoshape  discussed the emotional awareness for ‘Smart Things’.  Great feedback from the delegates are flooding in, and our SIG Champion Peter Whale (Iotic-Labs) was equally impressed with all speakers – ”the different insights and varying perspectives made it an eclectic and wonderfully thought-provoking event!” One of our delegates is a sketcher who very creatively interpreted the event theme and key speaker which you can see by looking on our Twitter feed. Thank you to Elvia Vasconcelos for your wonderful artwork. Sketch of Neil Garner

All presentations are made available on our website for viewing post-event – so make sure you check them out! View them on our resources page. The team here will be taking a closer look at the insights shared across the Future Devices SIG event by publishing further blogs in the coming weeks.

Thanks as always to our hosts:
IDEALondon – 69 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2BB – Website
Mathys & Squire – The Shard, 15th Floor – Website

Written by Lucy Woods – Social Media Co-Ordinator, CW