Out of The Box

The OTT threat is getting more real for Telco’s with 50% of the operators and viewing it as a significant challenge and realising it needs to be addressed . What’s more, the global revenue of telcos is set to decline by 1% between 2017 to 2018 further increasing the pressure. On the bright side, Telcos are potentially sitting on a goldmine – with over 68% mobile applications using telco APIs’s, Mindshare estimate potential revenues in excess of  US$ 157 bn by 2018 generated through exposing  Telco network services via APIs.  A coherent API strategy is therefore a must to enable a more agile approach to partnership and to reach this potential. The opportunity is both relevance in the digital ecosystem and direct incremental revenues.

Both service providers and Telcos would agree that the lack of agile business processes makes telcos slow to respond to this demand. BSS, OSS transformation (i.e. transforming core systems) would address these issues at some level, but they are too expensive and will take way too long, with complex integrations and business planning processes designed for large CAPEX investments.

WSO2.Telco offers a solution to this problem with its powerful Digital enablement platform which enables exposure of core network services at the fraction of this cost and time of larger transformation projects.  The value is not just in the technology but also in the business agility that comes with it.  A modern API platform enables more refined processes, and a change of mindset enabling telco business leads to consider new  partnerships and business innovation at Internet speeds.

WS2Telco diagram

The Telco business is essentially a local and locally regulated business – just like banking, health, education, government and of course the new smart city projects. Thus developers, enterprises,  advertisers as well as fixed and mobile communications providers are all tuned to the local market conditions. In addition identity and data protection are at the heart of the rules and regulations for these local enterprises. The WSO2.Telco  Hub / Gateway model has been tuned to meet the demands of locally regulated environments allowing for Telcos and digital businesses to operate within the regulatory environment whilst still affording the flexibility that modern Cloud based services have to offer – the perfect hybrid.

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