5 Minutes with RFMOD – 6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition Finalist

RFMOD are a Cambridge based start – up who last week pitched as finalists at the 6th Discovering Start – Ups Competition introducing BeanIoT(TM), a consumer focused “wearable”, hugely deployable, “Edge-Node” for the Internet of Things. The product leverages the latest in wireless technology and multiple sensors in a common hardware, which is easily reconfigured through new and novel human interaction (UX) or mobile App.

Andrew Holland, Founder and CEO of RFMOD share his insights via this short Q&A;

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The BeanIoT – a multi sensor IoT hardware platform from RMOD

What was the need you saw?

The versatile BeanIoT™ addresses the emerging need for a cross-sector / deployable / wearable IoT sensor network. Market projections for connected Edge-sensors are huge – but up until now no one has identified how to make the sensors at the edge of the IoT, attractive, personable, enjoyable whilst being really useful. RFMOD will meet this need through a combined offering of great design of User experience, Hardware / App and Big Data Insight service back to the consumer.

The BeanIoT™ design and proposition is the direct result of attending the CW SIG events and workshops.

What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2016?

In direct response to feedback from the DS15 competition judges; RFMOD will showcase BeanIoT™ and its disruptive power in three real-world applications:

  • Agriculture: Bulk-grain. Mesh monitoring of temperature, humidity & CO2
  • Asset Tracking: In-transit logging for incident-led Temperature / Humidity / Shock & Tip
  • Human Interface device: New UX through gesture control e.g. Air-mouse
  • Cost reduction, spec performance and further integration of sensors and radio chips will continue to benefit BeanIoT™ to reach its pricing and profit goals.

Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?

  • Customers do not yet realise the profound impact the Internet of Things will have or how well thought products like the BeanIoT™ will benefit them.
  • It is important to focus on a key market and application – make your name and a profit, then pivot.

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