5 Minutes with ZapToBuy – 6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition Finalist

ZapToBuy is a Cambridge start-up developing a software and app combo which will allow consumers to easily call up product information and purchase items they see on screen.  It is technology with potential to revolutionise the product placement market delivering a range of benefits for consumers, advertisers and visual media producers. They will be pitching at the 6th Discovering Start-Ups Competition tomorrow at Deloitte in London.

Naim Anis Peyman, Sales Manager, provides insights from ZapToBuy in this short Q&A

Send us a picture of your team, product or workplace?

ZaptoBuy team resized

From left to right; Alex Ross (CEO / Founder); Dr George Vogiatzis (Chief Scientific Officer); Mike Millar (Chief Operating Officer)

What was the need you saw?

Advertisers and brands have traditionally used passive product placement and advertising to bombard users with images of products in the hope that this will lead to sales. Zaptobuy will provide a better way to get to and interact with consumers. This will also change how TV and movies are monetised and production finance is generated.

What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold going into 2016?

While Meenkee is fully operational as is, we are working on resolving the scaling of our database and the search speeds that are achieved, so as to improve the user experience. We are also introducing a new feature that will allow for the automation of the search and simplify product identification from the beginning of a movie.

Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year?
 One needs to be flexible in one’s approach to the business model and adapt to customer feedback. While one may at the outset have a certain vision for one’s product, it is the market that decides what the most popular use of one’s innovation is, so one needs to learn to go by that. You also need to be flexible in your technological ambitions and find new ways of reaching your goals.

What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

While as with every industry it is essential to read the news and follow online blogs of influential personalities within the industry, in the case of the human-machine interaction technology industry, it is of paramount importance that one supplements this by mixing regularly and widely with as broad a pool of fellow colleagues within the industry, as well as outsiders who take an interest in what we one is doing.


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