15 Years in the Development of a Global Wireless Network

Logos through the years
Cambridge Wireless (CW), is celebrating 15 years since it was founded to pioneer the roll-out of embryonic 3G networks. From its inaugural Founder’s Dinner at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the network has now grown to over 400 UK and international members involved in the wireless and mobile industry. Here is a quick break down of the network in numbers;

3 Brand names. The network was originally formed under the name ‘Cambridge 3G’ as a forum for 3G companies to test their applications. In 2005 the name was changed to ‘Cambridge Wireless’ with the aim of supporting wireless technology initiatives with stakeholders in the Cambridge cluster. By 2014 Cambridge Wireless became ‘CW’ to reflect the fact that the network had become a national/international group bringing together a diverse set of hi-tech technology companies from across the world.

15 Years active. The inaugural Cambridge 3G meeting took place on September 19 2000.

213 Percent increase in membership. Cambridge 3G started out with 129 members in its opening year. The membership as of 2015 has grown to 405 companies, 57% of which are drawn from beyond the Cambridge area – and covering 17 countries

19 Special Interest Groups. Throughout the 15 years the network has used Special Interest Groups to link different areas of the industry. The first Special Interest Group on Location based technology launched in January 2005. There are now 19 active Special Interest Groups.

50 Events in 2015. Cambridge Wireless is set to deliver around 50 events including 3 major conferences. This is compared to just 10 events that were held in the network’s first active year.

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