The future is now… FWIC15 Insights. By Viviana Lobosco, NVIDIA


MOVEMENT: AGILE, DISRUPTIVE, PHYSICAL – new biz models, new interactions, clean-state, vehicle “with life”, cloud and performance sharing…everything is in movement…we are not trees…we can survive only if we move forward!

My new experience started from the first moment – the Future of Wireless International Conference was held in The Emirates Stadium – it was the first time I had visited and the view was simply amazing. You really enjoy the sense of movement, dynamicity and feel that anything can happen… So to me, it seemed the best location to host this event about forecasts, transformations, disruptions, agile approaches.

Forecasts, transformations, disruptions, agile approaches, together with security, are the main topics in common at the speeches I have attended across the 2 days.

Where are we going?

The future is becoming connected, devices are becoming larger and larger, and technology is becoming invasive and actually creative – increasingly intelligent, as technology becomes smarter and smarter, more than humans…

Humans haven’t always been able to have a good intuition of what strategies will be most successful for the future, stalling in their inertia, and this is one of the causes of failures for several companies. The future is agile, disruption can be necessary and sometimes this can come from convergence, not necessarily from divergence from what is currently going on. It’s a matter of learning, applying, collecting all the info and looking at the big picture.

Everything starts from humans but technology is moving rapidly… and at the end it can surpass our expectations, resulting in unintentional data (and the need of security), and continuous advancements towards a virtual self that is able to record past info better and provide quick access to data in the present, then combine data to offer better vision and understanding of the future.


tech change



(Ubiquitous) Connected – the IoT is actually anywhere – is at home (smart home) and  follows you outside (smart city and automotive).  It belongs to pure curiosity and velleity (wearables and robotics), but even to your core needs (digital healthcare) and requires a real disruption and clean state


The concept of Integrating is nowadays invasive and it is affecting anything – even companies strategies…

But Integration can also mean the new biz models that IoT will generate, connecting new players and let them cooperating together in scenarios were out of our mind just 10s y ago.

What about us? Well humans are still the key. What will really drive things for long is still the User experience … “The future of computing is made of people!” Krzysztof S. Berezowski, Thaumatec

More performance for less power (power is now distributed) – distribution, speed, intelligence – are key themes that let you know that the cloud, 5G, deep learning machine and the IoT are actually the main concepts to look at…

While fascinated by technology – when the keynotes started talking about deep learning, innovation and connected cars…well I always have that sort of light in my eyes…

Jaguar underlined the role of the car as a pure extension of the NW and leading new scenarios as vehicle-as-X and as a main enabler of the deep learning in cloud computing.

NVIDIA is very active in this sense, but I still guess this is a future no one can really overlook at!

What shall we conclude about the 2days? The future is now…I didn’t attend to the session track looking forward at the post-202O, as I was interested in gathering info from the other parallel track sessions (actually I am a bit worried to already know what should be going on after the 2020…and curious as well)

But what really makes me curious is who will create whatever is going in the post-2020…US, our virtual-self, a bit of both? We’ll discover it in the next episode…


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Viviana Lobosco is Technical Carrier Program Manager at NVIDIA


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