Disruptive innovation in key industry sectors – Part 2.


In the lead-up to the Future of Wireless Conference, CW invited young technology specialists to comment on the most significant developments in the wireless sector, key trends and technology which will have a disruptive impact in 2015.  Below we share some of their thoughts.


The mobile payments sector

Nino Manikandan, Clinical Technologist, Barts Health NHS Trust

Why it’s disruptive: The latest innovations utilising NFC and MST technology, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, enable smartphone owners and consumers to ‘tap and pay’ for goods and services, rendering plastic debit and credit cards useless and creating disruption for banks and building societies and their profitability. With security innovations such as Apple Touch ID fingerprint recognition sensor and Samsung KNOX, the payment method can be very secure whilst maintaining simplicity, compared to more complicated technology advocated by banks, such as Chip and Pin.

The continual growth of the mobile payments sector would also see more pressure put on banks to simplify their mobile banking processes to amalgamate with the mobile payment features on the current latest smartphones e.g. iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.



Richard Smith, Engineering Project Manager, Filtronic Broadband Ltd

Why it’s disruptive – The push towards 5G is being talked about as the enabler of dramatic change in terms of connectivity (much higher data rates but also connections for billions of new devices through the internet of things – IoT).  But the change may actually be more dramatic and disruptive, we may see the demise of traditional network operators (Vodafone, EE etc) as they are displaced by companies like Google and Facebook who have a very different business model.  The traditional operators will struggle to justify the massive investment required to develop a 5G network while their margins are being squeezed.  Google and Facebook are already starting to provide internet connectivity, using balloons and drones with Project Loon and Internet.org, so will they enter the market as service providers?


The Fintech industry – one of the most exciting points in financial evolution

Emilia Stankiewicz, CEO, Co – Founder, Paydoo – CEO, Founder, Saska&Co

Why it’s disruptive – Innovation is occurring everywhere you look. Disruptive financing models, mobile payments and even bitcoin are gaining popularity and increasing traction with consumers and businesses alike. 2014 proved as a turning point for the global Fintech industry with the particular attention to London. It certainly shows challenges remain for some Fintech businesses targeting the mainstream.  This year just reaffirms last year’s predictions and expectations.

We are definitely living in very interesting, fast changing times where new models of finance services are still to come. View the full article


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