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User Experience can be characterised as about developing products that are easy on the eye, easy to use, and easy to understand. Yet, inherent within this perception is a certain superficiality – UX is a nice to have, not a must have. View insights from keynote speakers Ben Strutt and Lucy Sheldon of Cambridge Design Partnership, Geoff McCormick of Alloy and Juma El-Awaisi of Braci. Each exploring case studies where good UX makes the difference between life & death, improves the speed of response, the accuracy of assessment and the outcome results in something more than a ‘like, share or follow’.


Ben Strutt and Lucy Sheldon, Cambridge Design Partnership – ‘Cutting through the noise: understanding what’s important when designing life-changing products’

Geoff McCormick, Alloy  The Value of a UX perspective in exploring & solving future defence challenges’ 

Juma El-Awaisi, Braci – ‘Sensory Disabilities on User Experience’

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