“The only certainty is that nothing is certain.” By Peter Whale, Chair of the FWIC Agenda Committee

future of wireless international conference

Taking place on the 23-24 June 2015, The Future of Wireless International Conference attracts over 350 industry experts in the wireless technology sector for international business opportunities, networking and insight into the latest disruptive industry trends. Keynote speakers will debate topics spanning smartphone innovation, spectrum, semi-conductors, smart cities, big data and more. In this exclusive Conference update, Peter Whale shares perspective on ‘disruptive innovation’ – a key concept underpinning the Future of Wireless.

“The only certainty is that nothing is certain”

So wrote Pliny the Elder back in the early decades of the first century AD. Perhaps we have always lived with uncertainty, yet the rates of change and levels of disruption in business and society are increasing ever more rapidly, arguably largely as a result of technological innovation. Just take the wireless industry, which has been such a force for disruption and change, connecting billions of people to each other and to the Internet, wherever they happen to be. Many of us will be involved with businesses that are succeeding or looking to succeed by riding the wave of some form of technology or business model disruption. But what about the disruptions from ‘left-field’ that could dramatically impact your business outlook?

In the now classic book “Innovator’s Dilemma”, Harvard economist Clay Christensen describes how successful and innovative companies have often failed to adapt to ‘disruptive innovation’ – innovation that can completely change the rules of the market. Nokia mis-reading the disruption of Apple’s iPhone and the move to smartphones, and Kodak inventing digital camera technology, yet failing to disrupt its existing business to respond to the change, are just a few classic examples a bit too close to home for comfort.

At this summer’s Future of Wireless International Conference, we are looking at the nature and impact of disruption. We are exploring disruption that the wireless industry is enabling in industries such as automotive, white goods, transportation, wearable products and digital cities. We like that side of disruption don’t we? That’s because it creates new opportunities for our businesses to grow.

Less comfortable though, are disruptions we will be exploring to the wireless industry. These are disruptions we could so easily miss – have we reached the end of the runway in smartphone innovation? Is the way we create the next generation of wireless standards broken? Is the highly-geared, high volume chipset market for smartphones ill-equipped to serve the many very diverse markets which collectively we are calling the Internet of Things? Is value moving to data, analytics and algorithms to such a degree that companies making ‘products’ are doomed?

I find that although it’s pretty hard work, it’s also lots of fun, to work with CW to put together a two day conference to pose big questions like this, and assemble a great set of companies and people willing to help explore these big questions. Do join us and come along to this year’s Future of Wireless International Conference at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK. As well as the fantastic networking opportunities, take the opportunity to come and “see the wood for the trees” and reflect on both how your business is creating disruptive opportunity, as well as navigating the storms of other companies and industries disruptions.

Firmly established as the leading event in the global wireless industry, The Future of Wireless International Conference is building momentum. Tickets are selling fast, so REGISTER HERE to secure your place now.

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