Five minutes with Equivital – Harnessing the power of mobile human data


Equivital is a Cambridge based company developing and providing technologies for mobile human monitoring and physiological data management solutions. Equivital’s LifeMonitor, a body worn sensor which measures multiple physiological parameters from a single device, is used and trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide. This flagship solution addresses the challenge of recording high quality data in sedentary, clinical and highly ambulatory real world environments, for accessible, real-time and accurate human data of professional rather than consumer quality.


Dr Ekta Sood, Equivital’s Head of Products shares insights into mobile human monitoring solution following their showcase at CW Location-based Systems/Services SIG ‘Empowering people: measuring imperceptible movements.’


We have entered an era of disruptive innovation where the advance of wearable sensors, big data analytics and machine learning are prevailing trends. What technology innovations do you expect to see unfold in 2015?

This year with the release of the Apple and Huawei Watches the trend for products packed with features and functions continues.  The innovation, however, should focus on solving problems with wearable technology.  If consumers can better engage with the technology and the information that wearables provide it will set the stage for the adoption of wearables to reach a ‘tipping point’.

In addition innovation in the supply chain through 3D printing, a proliferation of data science and scientists and focus on tighter information security are all trends we expect to see in 2015.


Where does Equivital fit into all of this? What’s next on your action plan?

Equivital has, to date, focussed on the parallel but perhaps more advanced B2B sectors.  It is very interesting for us to see the response to wearables in the consumer space, particularly considering that the technology being offered is not as advanced, in some cases, as B2B products.    We expect a convergence of the huge gap between cutting edge B2B technology and the consumer products to occur in the medium term. 


We will continue to be best-in-class provider in our existing sectors but we also intend to contribute as much as we can to the forthcoming convergence.

We will be launching a new product for the professional welfare, real time monitoring market and in terms of hardware we are working with low power technologies to improve battery life as well as reducing the size and weight of our devices.  We have already achieved FDA clearance for a disposable sensor form factor and are working to bring this to the market as soon as possible. 


What’s your workspace like?

I’m currently working from home as I had a baby 3 months ago and we have everything set up to allow me to do this efficiently.  We want to encourage more women to work at a senior level in technology whilst achieving a good work life balance.


What inspires you about wearable sensors for real time intelligence? And/or what interesting applications have you come across recently?

We are working on a number of global projects for real time monitoring of emergency response teams.  Whilst doing this I’ve had the fortune to meet many amazing people and teams who put their life in danger to protect others.  This inspires and motivates the Equivital team to develop the best products that can help these teams achieve their goals.


What key insight can be learnt from your model to benefit the healthcare industry and contribute towards predicting societal health and wellness in the future?

Our customers are looking for increased efficiency so being presented with reams of basic data may not necessarily benefit them.  At Equivital we believe that the combination of high quality data and novel data analytics in the form of actionable intelligence is essential to providing value to the B2B market.  We try to simplify the presentation of information to the user, who is very likely multitasking in a high adrenaline situation when using our systems. We are working with the healthcare industry to apply Equivital technologies in relevant situations.  Ultimately being able to convey actionable information ahead of time can help reduce in hospital and transitional care morbidity and mortality rates.


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