Will the pot call the kettle back? By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online



Are the fundamental technologies needed for sustainable machine to machine connectivity already available or is new innovation needed? Just one of the topics being discussed at this year’s CW TEC Conference in London on the 24th March 2015


The iPhone operated drone turned out to be one of this year’s big Christmas hits: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/dji-phantom-fc40-quadcopter-drone-n09dq

This terrifying trend just goes to show that technology innovation can drop new consumer products into the market that few of us could dream about (or more likely have nightmares about) just a few years ago. This includes the repurposing of existing radio functionality (in this example, Wi Fi) and user device baseband functionality (an I Phone based drone flight control app) to create an industrial grade product at a consumer price point.


The Internet of Things has become a catch all phrase to describe an almost breathtakingly broad range of industrial, commercial and consumer devices at price points that can vary from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

RF technology innovation has a direct impact on device price and performance but an equally profound impact on network connectivity energy and cost economics.

But is it better to enhance existing connectivity systems or develop new solutions?

Is a one size fits all approach adequate for IoT products that range across industrial, professional and consumer markets with widely different price points, data and energy requirements?

Or will we (again) end up with multiple incompatible sub scale radio standards and sub scale spectrum allocation.


Come and listen to technical subject experts from Avanti, EE, BSkyB, Radio Design, IRT Germany, BBC Research, u-blox AG, CSR and Samsung presenting their informed views on these changes, challenges and opportunities.

Come and join us to debate how new technologies are changing the delivery economics of our industry, the impact on coexistence management and associated implications for the regulatory and spectral allocation community and standards making community http://www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/cwtec/


Watch out for the next blog unveiling CW TEC ‘Wearables – from passive to active? Life changing technology transition with a positive or negative impact?


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