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GeoSpock is a big data management startup listed as a top startup to watch in 2015. Focusing on becoming the ‘go-to solution for complex big data’ GeoSpock’s first product is a innovative high performance, geospatial database service. Using GeoSpock, companies can harness accelerating trends in IoT, Big Data, and multi-dimensional, real time geospatial experiences to manage and effectively utilise location data.


Steve Marsh, CEO & Founder of GeoSpock shares insights into the future of big data management following their showcase at CW Future Devices SIG ‘The Future is Already with Us – How Younger Users of Today’s Technology will Drive the Technology of Tomorrow’.


Where did the idea for GeoSpock come from? What was the need you saw?

It started from a desire to make the world more intuitive by using technology, the idea of of supplying the right person the right information at the right time and place drives the company. We started with developing the front-end but quickly realised that the infrastructure, especially around handling vast quantities of geo-tagged data, was still an unsolved problem.

What’s next on your action plan?

We are starting to investigate areas such as facial recognition and genomics which could benefit from our technology – which is very exciting and opens a lot of new areas for us.

What’s your workspace like?

We are in a very small office, but we’ve stocked it full of great people and shiny computer gear.

Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year.

Identify your customers early and talk to them before you build anything.

2014 saw innovative changes in the technology sector, where the advance of app development and augmented reality experiences are prevailing trends. What technology innovations do you expect to see in 2015?

I think 2015 will bring an emphasis back onto enterprise solutions. We have had a lot of commercial innovation but I think there is still work to do on the infrastructure side of things. Especially as augmented reality application start becoming more prevalent.

What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry? 

Living it and breathing it every day certainly helps. I’m always looking at the latest tech blogs and talking to people working in similar fields.


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