Automotive RF – a car crash waiting to happen? By Geoff Varrall, RTT Online

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Geoff Varrall shares insight into Automotive RF. Just one of the topics being discussed at this year’s CW TEC Conference in London on the 24th March 2015


The automotive industry is one of the few industries which can still theoretically outspend the telecommunications industry in fundamental R and D. VW on its own has an R and D budget of well over $12 billion dollars per year.

An increasing percentage of this global spend is being focused on connected car and radar technology.

Today cars are being equipped with LTE broadband connectivity, multi user Wi Fi, automotive car to car and car to network connectivity (802.11p Wi Fi at the top end of the 5GHZ band) and forward facing, rear facing and side facing radar systems at 24, 77, 122 and 244 GHz.

A few years from now we will have tens of millions of these RF automotive hubs on the road

The benefits are potentially profound- fewer car crashes, faster more economic stress free journeys, lower insurance costs and car to car communication networks but this rapid technology shift will require fundamental changes in the way that we manage coexistence in the radar bands – S band, X band, the K bands, V and W band and how we protect legacy and new user communities including 5 G networks.  Parallel changes in regulatory policy are also implied.


Come and listen to technical subject experts from Avanti, EE, BSkyB, Radio Design, IRT Germany, BBC Research, u-blox AG, CSR and Samsung presenting their informed views on these changes, challenges and opportunities.

Come and join us to debate how new technologies are changing the delivery economics of our industry, the impact on coexistence management and associated implications for the regulatory and spectral allocation community and standards making community


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