Five Minutes with Cambridge Coding Academy – Activating the Next Generation

The Next Generation of innovators will bring forth even greater transformation in technology. Being of this Digital age, with an understanding of the fast pace of today’s world, the next generation are well suited to led change and new opportunities. However, there is a need to compliment these millennial traits with the tools to advance technology and shape the future. This concept underlies the upcoming Future Devices SIG untitled ‘The future is already with us – how younger users of today’s technology will drive the technology of tomorrow.’


It is exciting to see Cambridge based companies at the forefront of this issue. One such company is Cambridge Coding Academy, launched by PhD students and research associates from the University of Cambridge.  Raoul-Gabriel Urma, CEO and Co-Founder of Cambridge Coding Academy shares insights into their next generation orientated startup that offers individuals the opportunity to take ideas from concept to reality through coding.


Where did the idea for Cambridge Coding Academy come from? What was the need you saw?

The technology industry is the fastest growing industry right now. It’s the new cool and trendy topic. In fact, many people, especially the young generation, have lots of digital ideas. Unfortunately most people don’t have the technical skills required to make those ideas a reality and as a result depend on other people.

The mission of Cambridge Coding Academy is to teach all members of society how to read and write computer programs using engaging, effective and universally accessible teaching methods. We want everyone in the world to be code literate and feel comfortable programming so that they are all able to participate in the digital economy and benefit from all the technologies requiring programming knowledge.


What’s next on your action plan?

We are launching our workshops in London in March and looking to bring CCA nationally by the end of the year.


Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year

The startup life is hard work but it’s fun and rewarding!


2014 saw innovative changes in the technology sector, where the advance of mobile and app development are prevailing trends. What technology innovations do you expect to see in 2015?

The most important developments will be in the areas where we have already seen some early prototypes. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both gaining traction through offerings that are already available to developers. With Oculus VR headset, Google Glass and very recently Microsoft HoloLens, only our imagination on how they can make our everyday life easier or more entertaining is the limit. The Internet of Things is also finally reaching consumers which itself drives innovation for more innovative products. As the platforms will inevitably start opening up, we see each individual being able to modify the various Internet of Things appliances to their liking as well as to use their data to improve their lives. Finally, with great efforts of connecting the next billion people to the Internet we will see accelerating innovation in the areas of mobile services, ubiquitous availability of knowledge resources and essential shifts in ensuring their rights to freedom of expression.

We intend to incorporate these innovations into our own products in the future!


What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

We would say the best way to stay informed is to keep track of what our potential customers are interested in, what they’re using, and what works for them. For example, we try to follow computer science teaching forums and testimonials of learners to try to identify trends in the industry. At the same time, we keep a close eye on all the big players in the space to see if there are any common shifts in the techniques they are adopting.


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