Sayduck is an award winning company centered around delivering unique and seamless experiences using augmented reality product visualization.  Brands currently harnessing their innovative mobile platform to increase sales include Alessi, Vitra, Kartell, Livingetc and Onitsuka Tiger – just to name a few.  Using Sayduck, anyone can visualize photorealistic objects in their own personal space, giving customers a new way to make an informed purchasing decision while immersed in advancing technology and AR trends.

Mikko Martikainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Sayduck shares insights into next generation augmented reality following their showcase at CW Future Technology SIG ‘Living in the Virtual World’.


2014 brought great interest in augmented-reality (AR) and the projection of digital content and experiences into reality. What sort of AR advancements do you expect in 2015?

The technical quality will improve making the experiences even more intuitive for the users. We see this being the key for a true mass-adoption or AR. At the moment the technology isn’t quite there yet in terms of usability presenting a barrier for not-so-tech-savvy consumers but this is due to change in 2015.


Where does Sayduck fit into all of this? What’s next on your action plan?

Sayduck is pushing forward with our ‘master-plan’ of becoming a true consumer brand ourselves with our Sayduck app. We aim to be a category-leader in the furniture / home design retail-space with a killer-app providing not just the best AR experience but an overall package that caters for the full purchasing journey of the consumer. This covers anything from providing inspiration in the form of cool lifestyle photos of great products to showing how those products would look in your home with AR.


What’s your workspace like?

Sayduck TEAM


What inspires you about AR? And/or What interesting AR experiences have you come across recently?

To me AR is the realisation of so many sci-fi concepts I read about when I was a kid. The potential for it to be a truly transformational technology is huge with applications in almost any field, from industrial, health to entertainment and retail. 


Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year.

A big lesson was to realise that we can’t let the technology drive the equation but rather have the content and creativity to push the technology forward. It doesn’t matter how cool your technology is – it’s all about the consumer in the end.


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