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zappar app

zappar app


Zappar is a radical proprietary platform and mobile app that transforms everyday objects into whimsical and enchanting AR experiences. With Zappar technology, products and images are turned into “bite-sized entertainment experiences” when embedded with customisable zapcodes.  These zapcodes reveal AR content when ‘zapped’ with your mobile camera. While partnering with mega brands including Disney, Marvel, Sony Music and ASDA, the Zappar app and Zapcode creator allow anyone to explore AR with ease. Simply download the free app and scan a zapcode to unlock a new visual dimension of captivating digital innovation.


Caspar Thykier, Co-Founder of Zappar shares insights into next generation augmented reality following their showcase at CW Future Technology SIG Event ‘Living in the Virtual World’.


2014 brought great interest in augmented-reality (AR) and the projection of digital content and experiences into reality. What sort of AR advancements do you expect in 2015?

2014 was the warm up for 2015. But the big advancements will be in take up not just technology.

  • Expect costs for AR campaigns to come down dramatically as more companies enter the market.
  • We’ll see more product and enterprise initiatives drive the market over just marketing campaigns as the need to go beyond ‘gimmick’ fuels more considered thinking and applications.
  • We’ll see greater focus on more personalised and unique experiences for greater engagement, interaction and analytics.
  • We’ll see richer experiences go beyond AR to drive interactions and supercharge m-commerce and sharability.
  • With better, cheaper smartphones in more people’s hands we’ll also see more people adopt the technology.
  • So all in all better, more cost effective, richer, more compelling experiences.


Where does Zappar fit into all of this? What’s next on your action plan?

We’ve always seen ourselves as pioneering the market to understand where the real long term sustainable value is for AR, image recognition and computer vision. I can’t give too much away but you’ll see a major app update to Zappar with a host of new killer features for ease and speed of use. You’ll also see some big steps in the tools available to make the richest most immersive experiences that truly democratise AR for all businesses. We’ve also got some groundbreaking enterprise partnerships that take full advantage of our unique code scanning tech. I could go on…

Put it this way, 2015 has already started for us and the production road map is full!


What inspires you about AR? And/or What interesting AR experiences have you come across recently?

The constant questioning of ‘What’s AR really for?!’

The challenge in making something that really is rocket science simple enough for your grandma to understand. Seeing the amazing experiences people using our Zapcode Creator make on a daily basis. Working with kids as young as eight on the Zapcode Creator and seeing how inspired and excited they are by the experience and how easily they take to it. Education is a massive opportunity and we’re only scratching the surface now.


Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year.

There are 3 C’s to successful AR experiences. The right Context, a clear Call to Action and killer Content. It doesn’t have to be costly but does require commitment to execute well. (OK, enough with the C’s!)


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