5 minutes with Enigmedia – DS14 award winning startup


Enigmedia is a technological solutions startup that provides real-time, tailor-made data encryption 90% more efficient than existing technologies.  Their robust solutions enable the encryption of information and audio/video conversations anytime, anywhere and across all devices.  Simply implement Enigmedia and their unique and patented cipher provides you with top security for digital communication.


Ángela Díez Torres of Enigmedia shares five insights into this award-winning UK startup following their recent success in the Discovering Start-ups Competition 2014.


Where did the idea for Enigmedia come from?

 Enigmedia was born attempting to find a practical application in the field of telecommunications. While completing a doctoral thesis in physics, Gerard Vidal (founder of Enigmedia) was able to define and develop a unique algorithm based upon the Chaos Theory. 

Following these studies he developed the idea of applying cryptography along with the support of information technologies to provide an effective and efficient cipher able to ensure privacy of communications.

 As a company, Enigmedia´s inception began with three former colleagues from the University of Navarra: Carlos Tomas, Iker Hernandez and  Gerard Vidal. They have grown immediately from that initial moment and today we have a team of fifteen people. Fortunately, they continue to grow and currently we are over 20 workers today.


What’s next on your action plan?

 2013 was the year in which Enigmedia decided to begin the phase of internationalization. Our first move was to have facilities in the USA, the beginning of abroad offices. Right now, one of the founding partners (Iker Hernández) is focused on the U.S. market. Its purpose is twofold, both seeking funding through networking with investors, and product presentation to potential end customers. This involves active participation in fairs, preparation for competitions for young entrepreneurs and establishing recognition in this market by all possible means.

When looking to the future, Enigmedia plans to focus its marketing strategy preferably rest countries of the European Union and Latin American countries (particularly belonging to Mercosur).


What’s your workspace like?

Enigmedia TEAM


Share a key lesson you have learnt over the year.

One has to persevere and work hard, daily. There is not only one direct path between two spots in business and entrepreneurship. We are learning by making, in a lot of senses, but with the confidence that the science that we are based on is a new proprietary encryption on its way to be patented. Science and practice can actually meet, and make our lives more secure. 


What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

Keep every channel open for communication, be it scientific research, business possible partners, online communication. Everyone in our company knows that connecting with the outside makes us more visible and less blind at the same time, so everyone is constantly enrolled in competency bench marking in their specific areas. And software security is in our daily newspapers so we also try to take advantage of this in order to make our clients aware of their needs. 


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