5 minutes with KO-SU – DS14 award winning startup


KO-SU is a mobile learning platform to create and participate in interactive mobile learning activities. KO-SU’s intuitive applications enable extensive education opportunities and personal development through providing exploratory learning for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Simply go to the KO-SU website and follow the step-by-step process to start creating rewarding experiences to teach and learn via mobile devices.


Gerlinde Gniewosz, CEO Founder, KO-SU, shares five insights into this award-winning UK startup following their recent success in the Discovering Start-ups Competition 2014.


Where did the idea for KO-SU come from?

We had initially started out developing educational mobile apps – over 60 of them in our first year.  However, we soon noticed that teachers, trainers and students struggled to find that perfect app for what they wanted teach or learn.  Consequently, we decided to put everything we had learned about designing for learning experiences for mobile devices into a platform and open it up to the education and training community.  Fundamentally, we want to make mobile technology accessible to teachers, trainers & students, without them having to learn how to program or to hire an expensive developer.


What’s next on your action plan?

About to launch on CrowdCube to raise our next round of funding. If anyone would like an invite whilst it is in private mode and get in early, please contact us or RSVP via eventbrite


What’s your workspace like?

Below is a photo of some of the team at IDEALondon with one of our users Dr Hend Khalil – who was visiting from Egypt.



Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year.

It is not a new lesson, but has been reconfirmed this year – hiring top class people is key. 


What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

Google alerts and going to various events.


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Get in touch at: enquiries@ko-su.com

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