5 minutes with Speechmatics – DS14 award winning startup

Speechmatics startup

Speechmatics is a provider of innovative cloud-based pay-as-you-go speech recognition.  Their most recent software release converts speech-to-text, with fast turn-around times at a high degree of accuracy. Speechmatics easy-to-use functionality has a variety of applications including media monitoring, transcription of parliamentary hearings, audio data mining or indexing and archiving of audio (visual) information.


Benedikt von Thuengen, CEO of Speechmatics, shares five insights into this award-winning UK startup following their recent success in the Discovering Start-ups Competition 2014.


Where did the idea for Speechmatics come from?

Dr Tony Robinson – who has been in the field for 30 years – had the original idea. The concept is constantly evolving and already a completely different one to the summer and when I pitched at DS14.


What’s next on your action plan?

Complete a very large deal before Christmas, double our team size from currently 11 to 20 by March.


What’s your workspace like?




Share a key lesson you have learnt over the last year.

Think bigger


What’s your tip to stay informed about your industry?

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For futher insights, Speechmatics were recently published on: http://www.kiteinvest.com/en/benedikt-von-thungen-ceo-of-speechmatics/


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