Transformative Innovation – Start-Up Reflections. By Olivia Hughes

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Discovering Start-Ups 2014 (DS14) – a showcase of the ideas and opportunities unleashed by the wireless revolution.


Taking place on the 22nd Oct 2014, the pitching battle between the best UK start-ups commenced.  The competition aims to seek out the next big tech startup, providing finalists with the opportunity to present to a panel of some of the most important people in technology.

For me, DS14 was a time to indulge in transformative innovation.  The entrepreneurs, academics and developers exhibiting at the event represent next generation solutions that will redefine our relationship with technology and make our lives better and easier.

Having gained insight into the changing landscape of wireless applications, I pinpoint five trends underling the dynamic startups that featured at DS14


Intuitive software

There was a clear focus on mobile-first technology with start-ups making things more intuitive for the mobile consumer through refined Interface elements and precise functionality. These UI/UX details keep advancing technology and new digital experiences easy to understand and unintimidating.


DS14 showcased effective software taking on everyday processes that require high accuracy. Technologies being developed encompass converting audio files to text,  comprehensive online security systems and effectively utilising big data. These solutions allow individuals to reallocate time spent manually performing these tedious tasks, designed to help get things done.


The mobile healthcare solutions presented at DS14 are set to rival doctors’ offices, bringing quality health management to your living room. With wireless health monitoring technology, connected devices and wearables, specialised preventative care becomes more accessible and attainable. These solutions offer incremental benefits to our aging society where declining health is a reality.

No Code

A prevailing message at DS was that you don’t have to know what HTML and CSS are to make ideas happen. Multiple software solutions are providing users with all the tools needed to build games, apps or IoT compatible devices, motivating individuals to act upon ideas and execute their vision.


At DS14, mobile advertising is enhanced to be instantly rewarding, locally relevant and seamlessly integrated into our digital experience. Concepts presented include non-disruptive native advertising infused into games and real-time localized deal apps.  These distribution methods are orientated around user experience to deliver valuable and actionable content catering to our culture immersed in technology.

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