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CWCD TILEIt’s all things wearable at CW SIG Events – revealing the intersection of fashion, technology, user experience and wireless.


Following the CW UX SIG reviewed by Professor WIlliam Webb, Connected Devices SIG presents an expansive overview of advancements in wearable technology.  It was an event that fused high tech software, fashion, jewellery, sensory experience, music, 3D printing, technical engineering, monitoring and data mining. Read a review on Connected Devices SIG by David Maidment, ARM.

From a design perspective, an interesting insight about wearable tech is how companies are designing for our subconscious. Concepts are going beyond our known wants – to actualizing our underlying desires and passions. This innovation results in wearables designed to help enrich our lives and fulfil our aspirations.


Some wearables I am intrigued by include:


Kovert Designs – The stylized smart devices indistinguishable from high fashion jewellery, delivering and displaying notifications directly on tech infused rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Audiowings  – next-generation of headphones, streaming online music direct to their slick, 3D printed headphones via wireless connectivity.

eScent – A radical device combining perfumery and tech that releases fragrance combinations responding to the environment, engulfing you in a personal scent bubble.

Braci – a life changing product for the deaf and hearing impaired turning a smartphone into a ‘smart ear’ and listening, then converting sounds into notifications.


The possibilities and future opportunities are limitless.  Imagine, you could 3D print a scan of your body in gold/silver filigree to encase miniaturized electronics. This would result in wearable devices that are personalized imprints of your body, naturally fitting to the contours on your body to retrieve data and integrate your devices to optimise your life.


It’s all so exciting! What wearables are you most excited to see unveil?



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