Founders’ Dinner, with a side of surrealism


A surrealist escape – to drink, dine and be inspired.  Cambridge Wireless Founders’ Dinner, offered an enriching night of networking, fine dining and insights that ignite technological progress.


On 25.09.14, Downing College, Cambridge was populated with founder members and VIP’s for the Cambridge Wireless Founders’ Dinner. The prestigious event provided a strategic roadmap of our Wireless community, revealed cross-industry insights and interconnected disciplines of research, science, academia and wireless.

Experiencing Founders’ Dinner for the first time, I was initially struck by the contrast between the historic architecture and the innovative network of experts, entrepreneurs, thinkers and makers in attendance. This juxtaposition between the old surroundings and the future-driven culture of Founders’ Dinner resulted in an ambience I relate to surrealism.

This sense of Surrealism became the recurring theme for my night.

As the evening unfolded, I became immersed in the exchange of ideas and provocative thoughts. Professor Jim Norton delivered a notable address, exploring next generation wireless technologies and connectivity without barriers.  I believe this transmission of knowledge emulates surrealism through serving to release creativity, stimulate discussion and overcome boundaries.

In addition, while acting as photographer, I observed the much of the event through a lens. This endeavor to capture and preserve the key moments added a final degree of dreamlike distortion to the night.

Reflecting on this event, I consider this evening a catalyst for innovation, providing access to talent and expertise to aid idea execution and advancement. The four prestigious Founders’ Dinners per year promise to reveal, renew and revive our industry to facilitate the resolution of the visions for wireless.

If you weren’t able to attend you can experience a snapshot of the event below, but if you were there please share your thoughts about Founders’ at @CambWireless

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