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DS 3Fuel your inspiration – Day Four


No single act will mitigate risk in start-up.  However, I believe innovation paired with cultural context, social responsibility and environmental sustainability brings user value that is critical to ensure ideas are commercially viable.


The next-generation innovations at DS14 encompass these principles and represent how value-driven technologies could transform our lives and our world. This is a world I am excited to be a part of and see emerge with the DS14 finalists.


Aseptika Limited, inspiration – health monitoring. Aseptika Limited provides a non-disruptive ‘’hospital-at-home” monitoring solution. Imagine the sense of control and empowerment gained through self-monitoring your health.

Enigmedia, inspiration – data encryption. Enigmedia data encryption solutions provide optimal security for your information and communications. Imagine being able to overcome flaws in today’s online security. Enigmedia’s cryptosystem is three times more robust than current market competition and 95% more efficient.

Braci, inspiration – visual and sensory alerts. Braci is a mobile app which converts sound into alerts. Imagine a smart ear converting sounds from the environment into an alert, helping the hearing impaired and deaf to respond to daily situations and their surroundings.

Our Mobile Health, inspiration – health information apps. Our Mobile Health is a mobile health app developed to easily navigate and trust the medical app industry. Imagine a ‘digital doctor bag’ providing reliable, well reviewed and evidence based medical information at your fingertips.

Icon UK, inspiration – e-signature. Icon UK provides electronic solutions that embrace customer preference for hand-signing and the hassle out of document management. Imagine an effective resource to get things done, using natural and seamless signature + software solutions.

KO-SU, inspiration – mobile learning app. KO-SO solutions make app creation and mobile teaching activities easy and globally accessible. Imagine, KO-SO could transform our world through accelerated creation, shared knowledge and new learning opportunities.


It is evident that DS14 is a catalyst for big ideas that have widespread impact and are committed to creating solutions that make our lives better. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you at Discovering Start-Ups 2014!



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