Cambridge Wireless SIG on Wearables. By David Maidment, ARM Ltd

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David Maidment of ARM Ltd shares insight into wearables and value-driven technology.


With my smartphone staying in my pocket and my ARM powered Android Wear LG ‘G’ watch pointing the way I navigated across London and joined the Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group meeting yesterday at the London HQ of Deloitte.  The focus of the meeting was Wearables.

Cambridge Wireless is a network of nearly 400 companies across the globe interested in the development and application of wireless and mobile technologies to solve business problems. Cambridge Wireless connects those companies and stimulates collaborative innovation through a range of thought-provoking high-profile networking events.

I spend a lot of my time looking at and talking about the exciting wearable space and am constantly surprised at the level of innovation taking place on ARM powered wearable devices.  It was nice to sit back and listen to some other views and gauge the opinion of where this exciting technology space is headed.

So what was the main takeaway?  What did I learn?  I think for me the most fascinating theme was that of how wearables has the potential to deliver new services to consumers and redefine business models and that in turn is going to present challenges to the market and how it adapts.  Rather than talking only of devices and technology, in wearables you need to turn it around and rather talk of what benefits does it bring to the consumer?

For wearables to break out to mainstream they need to appeal to the wider market.  Traditionally in wearables this appeal comes from areas such as desirability and status but increasingly it is switching to usefulness i.e. it fulfills a purpose that somehow enriches our lives. Looking at the omnipresent smartphone this has been successful in many areas such as social media, navigation, music and video to name but a few.

Wearables needs to deliver something new, this could be in aiding a better & healthier lifestyle, monitoring our health or ensuring loved ones are kept safe.  The fact that we wear these devices has the potential to integrate them right into the heart of our daily lives and will make them very personal to us.  To achieve this they need to be small and unobtrusive, low power and easy for the consumer to use.  At ARM we are working tirelessly with our partners to enable those attributes.

As an industry we clearly have some work to do in order to address all these points and bring wearable to truly mass market, but I do believe all the building blocks are there to make it happen.  It has been an exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see how this fast paced market continues to evolve.

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