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DS 2Fuel your inspiration – Day Three


I am fascinated by the new experiences that can emerge from the interplay between strategic thinking, technology and creativity.

One of the experiences that emerge is Simplexity, a concept harnessed by uber innovative brands such as Apple to give us high tech, high functionality offerings made simple. Simplexity also forms the premise of trends in UI/UX design, infographics and icon representation to optimise engagement.  The sheer amount of radical research, conceptualisation, determination and invention behind these effortless experiences is thrilling.


Simplexity is a prominent theme at DS14, check out the following finalists for insight into this trend.


AppNearMe Ltd, inspiration – near field communications. AppNearMe Ltd are providers of simple near field communication devices and development technology. Imagine, with these tools anyone can explore the Internet of Things and develop exciting new applications.

Beacondo, inspiration – app development. Beacondo is a fast-track, no coding solution to app creation. Imagine, with this software anyone can effortlessly build an iPhone app to meet their needs, all without learning code.

Speechmatics, inspiration – voice recognition. Speechmatics provide a cloud based speech to text service which can be integrated into other applications. Imagine being able to simply infuse this capability into mobile oriented applications could be really useful.

RK Trans2Cloud, inspiration – cloud based services. RK Trans2Cloud is a consultancy, training and service provider. Imagine, cloud computing may seem overwhelming in this evolving industry but RK Trans2Cloud make utilizing transformative cloud technology effortlessly realizable.

AlphaFox Systems Ltd, inspiration – identity authentication. AlphaFox Systems Ltd has created an intriguing solution for multi-factor authentication in e-transactions. Imagine just being able to use a simple photograph on your mobile device as a ‘password’ to verify your identity.

Playir, inspiration – 3D multiplayer games. Playir provide game design platform which can run on the most popular mobile operating systems. Imagine having the barriers to coding and game design removed, to enable easy development of 3D multiplayer games.

I particularly like this culmination of emerging technologies because they provide a positive and assertive statement about the importance of vision paired with usability and customer experience.


Watch out for my final post in this ‘Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by value!’



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