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Fuel your inspiration – Day Two


At DS14, a competition fully focused on celebrating big ideas, an atmosphere of ingenuity resonates. For me, this immersive sensation provides a natural stimulant that can provoke a surge of energy and revive motivation.


Check out some of the powerful ideas and radical thinking at DS14 that encapsulate ingenuity.


GeoSpock Ltd, inspiration – optimized mobile advertising. GeoSpock Ltd work in radical, real-time social-networking platforms inspired by the human brain. Imagine the dynamic personalisation this capability could provide when applied to “smart” mobile advertising.

Cambridge Intelligence, inspiration – data visualization. Cambridge Intelligence’s KeyLines transforms your data into tangible and actionable data visualization charts.  Imagine the instant source of inspiration, new understanding and invaluable insights gained through revealing patterns in data.

The Outside View, inspiration – machine learning. The Outside View develop predictive analysis software infused with machine learning to provide real-time business performance assessment. Imagine, the Outside View could transform our world, harnessing analytics from unexpected and overlooked data to drive personal, social, economic and environmental enhancement.

WaveOptics Ltd, inspiration – augmented reality. Waveoptics have developed a wearable augmented reality display to accelerate the wearables trend. Imagine having easy access to digital connected screen technology that enhances our professional, social and personal lives.

CrowdEmotion, inspiration: the human subconscious. CrowdEmotion provide technology to explore subconscious behaviour using a mobile camera that reads people’s expressions. Imagine gaining the ability to capture human emotion, interpret expression then predict responses anywhere, anytime.

Each entrant will showcase in London on the 22nd of October, cultivating a hub of ingenuity that I intend on using to help fuel personal creativity.


Coming up next in this ‘Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by experiences!’



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