Fuel your inspiration at Discovering Start-ups 2014

Discovering Start-ups 2014 (DS14) is a portal to outstanding UK start-ups showcasing their technology, innovation and insight into the future. As a startup passionado, I see DS14 as a source of inspiration and eagerly anticipate the event in London on the 22nd of October.

Meanwhile, I aim to uncover and interpret traits in startups that can be applied to our everyday life. Why? I believe there is inspiration to be learned from the innovations shaping the world of tomorrow. These startup interpretations will form a four-part ‘Fuel your inspiration series.’


The first trait I wish to share is ‘Get inspired by the start-up mindset’.


Start-ups represent the pulse of innovation, fueled by a powerful union of creative energy, ingenuity and determination that I consider the ‘startup mindset’. I believe this mindset can be applied to personal pursuits, and offer myself as proof of concept.

Since discovering startup, I have embraced this mindset and moved from New Zealand to Cambridge to enter a new chapter in life.  I feel as if I have become a living startup while I craft a new life from scratch and tackle the wildness of this innovative culture.

This all may seem rather conceptual, but I encourage you to attend DS14 to absorb the refreshing passion and revel in the innovations of the startup.  Whether creating or in need of ideas, this event promises to be a radical experience and an ultimate opportunity to fuel your inspiration.


Watch out for my next post in this ‘Fuel your inspiration series – Get inspired by ideas!’



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