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A big welcome to the new CW blog! CW is a leading and vibrant community of businesses, containing some of the brightest minds from around the globe, developing and applying wireless technology to change the world in amazing new ways.

We care about connecting people, driving innovation, growing businesses, and being thought-provoking. With so much buzz and energy within our community, we’d love to share some of that excitement with you through this blog, and provide a channel for you to engage with thought-leaders and change-makers within our community. Also we’d like to use this blog to provide a platform for guest bloggers with something stimulating to share, to let us know what’s new and exciting in their patch, or give us something challenging to think about.

Wireless technology has already changed the world dramatically through the very widespread adoption of mobile phones and now smartphones and tablets. Yet the ‘wireless revolution’ has just begun, and now our homes, our cars, our cities, and what we wear are just a few examples of how wireless technologies will change our lives in the coming years.

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Peter Whale

Board Member, Cambridge Wireless


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