M2M and the Connected Car. By Zahid Ghadialy, eXplanoTech

Ask an operator in any mature market as to what M2M device it has its full attention and focus; the most likely answer may be the Connected Car. While there is a regulatory requirement in some countries to have connectivity in the car for emergency purposes, it also benefits the car manufacturer and the people using the car. It’s also a lucrative new market for the operators that are struggling with the falling revenues from the traditional voice and messaging.


The slide above from a presentation by Machina Research in the LTE World Summit last year highlights the potential and the opportunities that exist in the connected car industry.

GSMA has also formed mAutomotive group to help accelerate the development and deployment of connected automotive solutions and devices

A simple non-exhaustive list where connected cars would be useful is as follows:

  • Regulatory requirements like eCall (emergency scenario), eToll (electronic Toll), etc.
  • Remote diagnostic services by the manufacturer and software updates as needed
  • Remote monitoring by interested third parties like Insurance companies
  • Navigation, Maps and Real time traffic information
  • Location based advertisement and services
  • In-car entertainment via hotspots and Infotainment

I am sincerely hoping that the next time someone mentions M2M, they will take the high bandwidth connected car market into account.




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