China launches quantum-enabled satellite

Can it be true?  Have the Chinese really launched a satellite to enable faster than light communications using spooky quantum action at a distance?  That’s what you might think from a recent news… Continue reading

Another reason to attend CW TEC

Professor John Haine, Visiting Fellow, University of Bristol and #CWTEC Committee Chair provides another reason to why you should attend this year’s conference: “Even when I started my engineering course back in 1968,… Continue reading

Here’s the thing about CW TEC

Graham Pink, CEO of Orbitil  and #CWTEC Committee Member tells why you should probably consider attending this years conference: There is always much talk about the end of Moore’s Law, which reflected technological… Continue reading

GeneAdviser – Spotlight

With the 7th Discovering Start-up Competition approaching in October , we’re turning the spotlight on last years winners to find out what they’ve been up to. First up, GeneAdviser: Update provided by Co-founder… Continue reading

What happened up North…

A few weeks ago CW ventured to Manchester for our most Northerly event kindly hosted by the BBC at MediaCityUK; a bustling waterfront destination with digital creativity at its heart. The event ‘BIG Radio’… Continue reading

The Barriers for Digital Health Startups

Getting past the better ping… It’s over forty years since the first personal wireless telecare products came to market.  Over the years, along with many others, I’ve been writing about their potential and… Continue reading

Farming for everyone

Herdsy was one of the CW shortlisted companies that applied for the Fast and Furious Pitch-off & exhibited at Venturefest East last May. Not heard of them? Read on to find out how they… Continue reading

Software patents: setting the record straight

That was a really interesting couple of days at FWIC 2016. Lots of excellent speakers, giving insights into various technical and commercial issues. Kate Stone of Novalia definitely gave the most engaging presentation!… Continue reading

And the winner is…

Ogenblik awarded Best Collaboration prize along with THALES We were thrilled to be awarded the Collaboration Prize along with Thales at the Cambridge Wireless Innovation Showcase, Future of Wireless International Conference, 21 –… Continue reading


A flair for mathematics since an early age, made me opt for a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the mere age of 17. I left my family and home to embark upon a journey… Continue reading